• Solar Capital Partners is a Trusted Partner to Private Equity Sponsors and Entrepreneurs

    • Experienced: Our top ten investment professionals have a cumulative 200+ years experience in private equity and leveraged lending, and our team across the platform of ~75 investment professionals has broad and deep industry expertise.

    • Responsive: We provide quick, comprehensive feedback throughout the underwriting process in order to accommodate financing deadlines and enhance sponsors' due diligence.

    • Creative: We develop customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our private equity sponsors, owners, partners, and portfolio companies.

    • Reliable: Our partnership approach centers on client service and reinforcing long-term relationships, while our sizeable capital base provides certainty and scale.

    • Patient: As a result of our permanent capital and private equity-style investment philosophy, we’re able to take
      a long-term approach with all of our investments.

    • Flexible: We offer our issuers a broad spectrum of cash-flow oriented financing alternatives via our two BDCs, Solar Capital and Solar Senior Capital, as well as asset-based loans through their portfolio companies, Crystal Financial and Nations Equipment Finance, and Gemino Senior Secured Healthcare Finance and North Mill Capital, respectively. Our solutions set is further enhanced through our lender finance and life science lending segments.

    • Capital Solutions: Our portfolio companies believe we bring far more to the table than capital, as evidenced by approximately $12.5 billion invested across the platform since inception, over 100 financings with repeat borrowers.

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